Tuesday, January 11, 2011

One Step Closer to the Maxis Om Nom Nom Race

Maxis Om Nom Nom Race

Hello friends. I've been told by my best friend a few hour ago about this competition..and i get excited to join.@_@ this One Step Closer to the Maxis Om Nom Nom Race is a race like amazing race but this race is about hunting food.Like Jalan2 cari makan,you are given a direction,so you will go to that place and eat.yes EAT!you will enjoy the BEST DISHES at the restaurant around capital square,kl.and you have to do a review about the restaurant.The best part is you will be given iPhone for device with Finder 301 application which you can get to any place easily!bring you by MAXIS only.WoW!!!

So saye pon nk share la ape saye suke makan kat Malaysia ni. hahaha well sume2 pon tau kot saye suke makan.ouh yeah i love to eat!! i can say that i love food more than anything.ops! boleh ke cm 2 hahahah pape je la. ok My favorite food is fast food, i know that is not good for my body. but im just eat it when going out with my friends. Two of my favorite restourants are KFC and McDonald’s. hahahha Though both are places to dine, they have their differences in ambiance, waiting, and expense. besides that i do love Korean foods. i love to eat at Seoul Garden Restaurant. there was fantastic! Little known underrated place with great food. If you like Asian food in general, don't miss Seoul Garden.

i want to be in this competition because i love food =)).and because this competition is more like racing things it makes me more super exited to join. i ever been joined in Nike Run , that was held in Kuala Lumpur a few months ago so basically joinning this competition is not a problem for me ;)) hehe.anyone nuffnang subscriber also can join. come come!

me n bella crave for food =)))

Seoul cook cook=))
parapapa~~ i'm lovin it!
we run KL!! =)))

hehe prize for this competition is A trip to Hong Kong 3 days 2 nights with 5-star accommodation (for the winning team members of 4 pax) worth RM10,000, and also 4x HTC Desire Z (1 per winning member),4 x HTC 7 Mozart (1 per winning member) will and all 6- participants will be rewarded with Maxis goodies bags. hoyeh!

offer from maxis.!any maxis user please klick the link below =))

and iPhone owner also can subscribe thiss.

see you there!babai!! =))


bella said...

hope to be chosen ;p

syasya said...

hope so..good luck to us ^_^v!!!